REVIEWS says: "...this “fun yet serious” three-piece stretch their talents and, thus, own every bit of their sonic dalliances.

One need not peel many layers of this onion to spot the social themes planted in the lyrics. Presumably, they’re lasering out of the ocular cavity of the skull on the album’s cover. Or from the heart-to-hearts at the kitchen table in the band’s promotional photo; at least between swigs of jarred moonshine (also pictured) and turns on their crystal chess set (because, well, why not?)."

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Earshot Radio says: "Our #EarshotArtistOfTheWeek is #Kingston's The Mill•Rights - rootsy Americana rock with portions of country and folk round out this trio's original and very accessible works."


The boys had the pleasure of sitting down for a quick chat with Bill Welychka on The Morning Show CKWS Global Kingston. Check out in the link below. Posted 09/01/2022.



Reassembled from parts of Kingston Ontario’s choicest Blues & Outlaw Country tribute bands, The Mill•Rights are a group of hard-workin’ full-time friends on a mission to forge their own timeless body of music. Building on the foundations laid by some of Canada’s most beloved artists, The Mill•Rights began working in the winter of 2021 with Jason Mercer at Neptune’s Machine on Wolfe Island. Their self-titled debut album, set for release this summer, includes 13 original songs. Much like their live performances, they move fluidly through elements of roots, rock, reggae, country, folk, and blues among other genres.

With a reputation for supporting and collaborating with a variety of artists, it’s no surprise that their debut recording features a small lineup of incredible guest musicians including multi-instrumentalist Teilhard Frost (Sheesham & Lotus), guitar phenom Dan Chisholm (Lotus Shaker), the multifaceted singer/songwriter Michael Duguay, Albertan revivalist/visionary Skinny Dyck, Canada’s legendary Chris Brown (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Big Sugar, The Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies) and of course, the multi-talented producer/engineer/guru/musician Jason Mercer (Ani Difranco, Ron Sexsmith, The Gertrudes).

The Mill•Rights are:

Patrick Aaron (Bass/Vocals)

Joey Lee (Drums/Vocals)

Damien Van Johnson (Guitar/Vocals). 

While given the opportunity to refine their sound through a series of unique performances at The Kingston Brewing Company, The Mill•Rights received an invitation to perform at the 2019 Wolfe Island Music Festival. It was there, while performing alongside The Sadies, Jim Bryson, Emilie Steele, Born Ruffians, Joe McLeod, and others, that The Mill•Rights resolved to step back from redistributing refurbished b-sides and focus on refining their songwriting skills instead.

After the pandemic-induced global hiatus on operations, The Mill•Rights are back to work performing, and are currently promoting their debut self-titled album.

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